Positive focus in challenging times.

At a moment of disruption and change it is easy to be distracted from the goals at hand.

At Bid Recruitment we are working with clients up and down the country who are still recruiting, tendering and finding new ways to overcome the challenges in front of them.

With work-winning teams and highly sought after professionals, leading companies manage to maintain there edge, securing opportunities and growth for the future.

During a time of disruption and uncertainty it is crucial to look at ways of developing, growing and strengthening your front end work-winning teams to positively focus on future goals.

As the UK’s leading specialist recruiter within the Bid environment we have been successfully giving companies the competitive edge with acquiring key work winning professionals for over 10 years. We are in constant communication with the market place and are a proud sponsor of the UK APMP.

We have a team of specialist consultants on hand to provide recruitment guidance and support identifying key work winning professionals and contingency planning.

With technological and methodical resources in place we are able to overcome current challenges to provide short term relief and line up key professionals that provide the leading edge for our clients.

Now is the time to plan ahead, look towards a brighter future and set the scene for growth with a positive focus.

There are still tenders being submitted and pipelines to build.

Please contact a member of the team to discuss your recruitment needs, strengthen your work winning team and capitalise on your positive focus during challenging times.

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