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Commercial/Cost Manager

  • Permanent
  • Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
  • 19149

Position Title: Cost Commercial Senior Manager – Giga Project (Design and Build Contracts)

Location: Saudi Arabia (Interviews in London, UK)

Role Intro:
This position offers an exciting opportunity to lead the cost and commercial management of a prestigious giga project in Saudi Arabia the capital Riyadh, contributing to their successful delivery and long-term sustainability.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Cost Management:
    • Develop and implement cost management strategies to optimize spending and improve profitability.
    • Analyze cost structures across different business units and identify areas for cost reduction or optimization.
    • Monitor and control costs related to procurement, production, distribution, and other commercial activities.
  2. Financial Analysis:
    • Conduct financial analysis to evaluate the financial performance of commercial initiatives and projects.
    • Prepare cost-benefit analyses and financial forecasts to support decision-making processes.
    • Identify key financial metrics and develop KPIs to track and measure the effectiveness of cost management efforts.
  3. Pricing and Contract Negotiation:
    • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to develop pricing strategies that align with business objectives and market dynamics.
    • Participate in contract negotiations with suppliers, vendors, and customers to ensure favorable terms and conditions.
    • Evaluate pricing models and recommend adjustments to improve competitiveness and profitability.
  4. Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including finance, sales, operations, and procurement, to align cost management efforts with overall business goals.
    • Provide financial insights and guidance to support strategic decision-making and business planning processes.
    • Foster a culture of cost consciousness and financial discipline across the organization.
  5. Compliance and Risk Management:
    • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, accounting standards, and internal policies related to cost management and financial reporting.
    • Identify and mitigate financial risks associated with commercial activities, such as pricing volatility, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory changes.


  • A degree in Quantity Surveying or a similar related field, plus ideally be Chartered
  • Proven experience in cost management, financial analysis, and commercial operations, preferably in a managerial or leadership role.
  • Strong understanding of financial principles, cost accounting methods, and financial modeling techniques.
  • Excellent analytical skills and the ability to interpret complex financial data to support decision-making.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, with a focus on driving continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Proficiency in financial software and tools, such as ERP systems, Excel, and financial modeling software.

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